DrugDev’s 2016 annual Investigator Survey uncovered the number one reason that sites hadn’t used eConsent in their trial - they hadn’t been asked.

eConsent helps patients understand the trial, set appropriate expectations, and create a more trusting relationship with the site from the beginning – leading to great satisfaction, and ultimately retention. 

Since there can be no change without first adoption, DrugDev is presenting five reasons why sponsors should ask themselves and their CROs...

 “Why aren’t we using eConsent?”

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In 2014, Novartis was piloting their first eConsent studies, hoping to see what all the buzz was about. Today, they’re confidently deploying it to new trials worldwide. In-between 2014 and today was a journey that involved confirming eConsent’s industry-buzz first hand, identifying and implementing lessons learned, and making a business case to executive leadership.

Want to learn more? Download the whitepaper to read the journey that brought Novartis from pilot to pioneer and see how and why Novartis chose eConsent for the future.

Simplified technology to simplify lives

eConsent makes sites' lives easier by...

Keep Your Trial Top of Mind

Watch this webinar replay to learn why Novartis made the change, what challenges they faced, and how they overcame those challenges. You will also learn the key features and benefits of using eConsent and how it meets the regulatory needs for European signatures and IRB requests..

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Going Global with eConsent

The Novartis Journey

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