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Get access to the best available intelligence on what is happening in Consumer Health markets at the regional level and in countries around the world.

IQVIA’s International Country OTC Reports are a unique business insight and forecast resource. These reports deliver exceptional understanding of the market with interpretation of trends coupled with market insights. Reports are available at global and regional levels, along with more than 50 country-level reports.
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International OTC Country Reports can help you:
  • Develop robust strategic business plans backed by market insights
  • Build a successful Go to Market model based on the industry dynamics
  • Understand the global and local competitive dynamics across geographies
  • Identify lucrative opportunities to expand across geographies and categories
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You’ll get an extract of each section from the full report, including:

  • The Regulatory Environment with healthcare policies and provision, reimbursement, pricing, advertising and Rx-to-OTC switching
  • The Market Place covering total market sales, leading products and leading markets
  • Analysis of leading companies
  • Channels of distribution
  • Forecasts
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